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lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

To the grille, Ahmed R Shalaby

To the grille, Ahmed R Shalaby
Ahmed is an egyptian artist. A very skilled one. He makes magic with the digital art in every topic you may think. He can create avatars for your ID, or covers for your books and musical albums, restore old photos, or my favorite, create magical, dark and delicious pictures.

Asura H: Thank you for your time. It’s really an honor to have such a great artist with us. Could you please to share with us your beginnings? Any influence? What’s the inspiration or your muse to create your work?

Ahmed R: I really get most of my inspiration from movies sences specialy Sci fi, and of course musical inspiration nothing is better than Evanescence.

H: How is the situation of the art in Egypt? Do the people like it and support the artist or do they just ignore them? How do you feel about this situation?

R: Well when I first started learning photoshop and photo manipulation specifically this kind of art was a bit strict, but joining the great devaintart community helped me a lot to Improve the talent. now i can say there is a lot of a great artists in this field.

H: In the art, the message that the people receive may not be the same that the artist wants to share. Do you have a message or something special that you want to share to the world, and that nobody has seen yet?

R: Every picture I made it has a story related with it's name, but of course not everyone sees in the same perspective. Many of my released covers have a different story than the one I imagined. you can check "Missives in red" artwork made for Mr Michael Randolph.

H: Any artist or person that you admire?

R: There's a lot of artists really doing amazing work more than I count, but my personal favorite are,,
and many more.

H: I like what you did with “The lost symphony” and with “The dark reign”; but do you have any favorite work?

R: My personal favorite is " The Dark Lork" and "After Earth II"

H: Do you make art in other forms? Which?

R: Photo manipulation is my personal hobby, but I do Logo designs along with it.

H: What movies, music (besides Evanescence), books, do you like?

R: I really like Lord of the rings Series it really inspires me I made "The dark lord" After The witch king of Angmar, Music bands I really love Imagine Dragons, Linkin park and Breaking Benjamin.

H: Are you working for any company right now or are you freelance?

R: In the meanwhile I work as a freelance since i still in college.

H: What do you like most, being part of a company or a freelancer, why?

R: I prefer being freelancer feels more comfort to be free, but i don't mind being part of a team in the future.

H: I have seen you made some covers using Avril Lavigne and Vanessa Hudgens. Have you ever being contacted by any professional artist to make the cover?

R: No, not really most of my work I interact with authors and models.

A: Most of the people in this side of the world only know about Egypt the pyramids. What are the most beautiful thing and place of Egypt in your opinion?

R: Yes, I noticed that a lot of people have a different idea about Egypt, but it's not just the pyramids our history extended more the 7000 years we have many historical places along with pyramids belong to many various cultures and religions.

H: I have contacted a lot of arabic people and they seem to be very friendly… sometimes too much. Is the arab culture so friendly always or was I too lucky?

R: Yes, it is.

H: A lot of professionals sacrifice their lives for their work. Do you achieve to manage a personal life with your work?

R: It's kind of hard to concentrate since I'm working and studying on the other hand, but It's going fine so far.

H: You used to be Dash Th3me in Deviantart, why did you leave using it and what did it mean?

R: I started with Dash Th3me as a nick name, but afterward I want to go with my real name since it was needed for work credits.

H: What do the darkness and death mean to you? Also, a lot of your pictures have fire on them, what does the fire mean to you?

R: Death is a very mysterious for all of us and its inevitabilitym I find it kind of inspiring, and I like to use fire, it really beautiful element catches the eye.

H: I have interviewed young talented artist; but they are only in the amateur line. You seem to have a professional career with only 23 years old by now, why should a young boy be interested in art instead of anything else? How did you get the goal of living of the art so quickly?

R: I love art because it lets you escape reality. Its a really comforting form of self expression.
Personally, creative activities have always drawn my attention, from a young age I would draw, colour, cut and create! I'm still very much like this, I find myself losing track of time and working into the small hours.

H: Does your art give you enough income to live or do you must work in another stuff?

R: Not really because I'm between studying and working I didn't really started to settle.

H: Egypt used to have a very interesting culture of death. They used to see the death as a portal to another life in a very different way we are used to think about it. I have even read that they used to be happy if a crocodile eats one of their children because it was Sobek who took them. Now, this culture someway is gone, but I think that the feeling about the death remains. How does the islamic culture gets along with this feeling?

R: Egyptian culture always believed in the afterlife throughout the ages, All the Monotheistic religions mentioned the afterlife. All egyptian believes in afterlife, but when it comes to a crocodile eats one of their children i think it's a bit extreme.

H: I know the answer, but I want you to tell the readers, please. Does the islam forbids the art, the culture?

R: Of course not. On the contrary islam supports art you can see a lot of amazing and inspiring places is the Islamic culture, they excelled the architecture, decoration and painting.

H: Do you feel your art may be a way to haram/sin because you show the dark side of the beauty?

R: No, I don't find has anything to do with religion.

H: Would you like to keep your traditions of the Kemet (Ancient Egypt), or do you like the way it is right now Mesr (Nowadays Egypt), or do you want a piece of that and a piece of this? Which ones pieces?

R: We can't live in the past we keep out tradition and acclimate contemporary life.

H: Where do the people can contact you, and in which languages?

R: Please contact me via
FB page :
English /  Arabic.

H: Any final message to the readers?

R: Thanks for you times.

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