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lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

To the grille, Tatiana Vetrova!

Tatiana Vetrova is russian girl with a lot of talent inside of her. She has made art in 2D, 3D, photography, but we can’t say she is a limited mind artist with only one theme in many way of expression. Her drawings go from naive, cute characters, to beautiful, sensual characters, and some times we find monsters and future beings. In the photography, we find some of those elements, but it is mainly focused on female models. Her art is colorful, brightly, with excellent manage of darkness and shadows, bodies perfectly formed and a bipolarity with perfect junction of good/evil, heaven/hell, light/darkness to create a world where such differences doesn’t exist but are the same.

Asura: Thank you for your time. It’s really a honor to have such a great artist with us. Could you please share with us your beginnings? Any influence?

Tatiana: Hello, and thank you for attention to my person.
I decided to be an artist when I was 16, and it was very unexpected decision for everyone, even for myself. But it was kind of inner voice "I want to be able to draw pictures". I had no any idea what job will I have, what should I do later, I just suddenly realize that I want to be an artist. No one in my family shared this enthusiasm with me, so there was a lot of discussions, but no matter what, if I decide something - no one can stop me.
So I decided went to art college without any prepare trainings, and all I can say - it's kind of miracle they let me in (cause I was terrible as an artist, even didn't know how to hold pencil or how to use paints). Maybe it's a hand of fate. I'm sure it is, indeed.
So I was studying traditional arts, but later I realize that it's not what I want. That's why I was terrible student and can't say I learned a lot from there. I learned "how to learning", yep, but after graduation in 2008 I still was terrible artist. But I realized what exactly I want, that I love all those fantasy, dark and creepy pictures much more. And digital art of course. It may sounds funny, but till 2007 I even didn't know that mostly all pictures I like was created with computer and Photoshop. Honestly)
I've bought my first tablet (Genius, I still remember it, and oh god, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone) and start to study digital art.. and just art from zero again. And that was like long and hard way out of hell. And it still is.
about influence...
Fisrt name - is Brom. Gerald Brom. First time I saw his art when I was 13 or 14 years old, and oh god, he immediatly became my favorite artist, and even now he's my favorite so far. So I'm pretty sure you can find his influence in my works. As everyone I saw works of Boris Vallejo and his wife, Frazetta and other titans of fantasy art, but no one impressed me like Gerald Brom.
After that - all those movies I watched since I was a child. Like "The Crow", "Interview with the vampires", "Neverending story", Tim Burton's movies, movies based on Stephen King's books.. etc. See, I was weird child, I didn't watch girlish movies, I was a fan of Robocop and Terminator, and Universal Soldier and Back to the Future. Okay, I watched Disney animated movies too ))) And I do it now, be sure. But mostly I was raised with the fantastic, fantasy, dark and creepy things.
Later I had some influence from traditional artist, like Vrubel, El Greko, Semiradsky and Rembrandt.. and a lot of ohers of course. I still sure fine arts and all those artists incredibly awesome.

A: What’s the inspiration or your muse to create your work?

T: eeeh.. life? Actually I can't say "something" inspires me, cause art is a way of living for me. You don't need a muse to breath, sleep or something. Yes, sure, sometimes I feel something like "special mood", after watching good art/movies/photos, when I think "gosh, I wanna do something like that, it's awesome" (but it's often about fanarts). Like after playing "Batman Arkham Origins" game I finally found a time to draw Joker fanart, cause I'm really impress of this character in this game series. Or after artist's meeting and workshops you're full of energy and just need to draw something right now or your mind just will blow out, you know that feeling? But it's not like I need inspiration all the time.
I really don't understand people who need to be inspired to draw something. Come on, if the process (and result) of creation doesn't inspire you enough already, maybe you should find something else to do.

A: How is the situation of the art in Russia? Do the people like it and support the artist or do they just ignore them? How do you feel about this situation?

T: Such a difficult question. Everything is complicated here. All I can say about Russians -we're great in having seed of creation and beauty inside, and we're great in killing it.
Education: our education is great if you want to be traditional realistic painter, if you love fine arts. But it's utterly useles in 21th century, cause no one teach you how to work in modern industries, like game industry or movies. If you want to work as concept artist - go and be self taught. But if you want to paint landscapes or people portraits from life - our education is the best. It gives you everything about painting techniques, but nothing about creativity. Here is some schools in Russia, where people can teach digital painting and concept-art, but it's only in Moscow. Two schools in one city. Do you realize how big is Russia and how ridiculous this situation?
Work... it's complicated too. We have great opportunities and and bad situation at the same time. Sorry, my English isn't enough to explain i,hat so I just shut up.
But actually it's not that bad here. Just...Russia is a country of contrasts, in every areas of living-working-behaving. Everything is great and worse here at the same time.

A: In the art, the message that the people receive may not the same that the artist wants to share. Do you have a message or something special that you want to share to the world, and that nobody has seen yet?

T: I can't say I have a message for people. I'm not in that philosophical stuff, I just sharing my vision of beauty. I love to draw what I draw, love to create characters and think about their personalities... if you don't like this world, draw your own :) and that's exactly what I do - trying to create my own world. And if people see some message there, even if I didn't put it in - I'm fine with that. I'm honored that people like my work, that's all

A: Any artist or person that you admire or look up to?

T: Admire... a lot. Not only artist, but mostly them of course. I admire Gerald Brom, he's my favorite so far. Sergey "Peleng" Kolesov and Max Kostenko - unbelievably talended persons, I'm proud of they're Russians. Paul Richards - wish I could have his way of thinking and desighning. Virginie Ropars - incredibly skilled doll artist.
Eeeh I think a list of people I admire will be too long to write it here. I can say I admire professionals in all areas of expertise - 2D and 3D artists, photographers, actors and musicians. Just be amazing - and I will admire you, haha.
And gosh, I admire Loki (as Tom Hiddleston) from those Marvel movies. Not kidding. I know I sound like a silly 15 year old girl))))

A: From your works, my favourites are “Arachnophobia”, “Soul Eater”, “Watcher” and “Pestilence”, but do you have any favorite work?

T: Every new work for about a week. Haha, after that I can't love it anymore, I need to move on. "Arachnophobia" was a good work, creepy enough to make me proud of it for some time, but come on, it's 4 years old, my skills now much better, and I can't look at old works without crying with bloody tears. Maybe I should repaint and refine some of them.
I still like "War" and "Golden Dust", it's all about emotions I tried to put in, and I succeed. And "Banhammer girl", just because I love this character and her hammer.

A: Do you make art in other forms? Which?

T: eeeeem you mean sculpture, music or something? Nope. I used to be a musician long long time ago, violin and vocals. Even graduated child music school (that was terrible expirience). But not anymore, and I don't regret anything.
Now I have photography as a hobby, but I can't say it's "art". It's... fun. And singing sometimes (mostly in bathroom))). It's fun too. But nothing serious.
Anyway it's all about a time. It's never enough. I'm spending too much time painting pictures, and a lot of time watching movies and reading, so I'm not really able to do anything else.

A: Are you working for any company right now or are you freelancer?

T: Both. I work as full-time 2D-artist in "Sperasoft" (russian outsource company) and take some freelance job sometimes. Not all the time, it's exhaustive. But often. For example - I work with Paizo Publishing and draw characters for them sometimes (they cool guys I'm happy to work with). Sometimes I even do take commissions from DeviantArt members, lol.

A: What do you like most, being part of a company or a freelancer, why?

T: I like the way I living right now. I'm a part of company, where I have experience to work with different projects and different people. And I'm not sitting in 4 same walls all the time.
And I have freelance, where I can choose what I want to do, and... ok I'm just workaholic.

A: I saw you make also videos, as tutorials, do you want to become teacher?

T: Not really, if you mean "teaching all the time". Being a full-time teacher is kind of nightmare, I'm sure. You must be very special person for teaching people every day.
I had some workshops, and it's fine, I like it. Cause it's part-time thing, good way to analyze what you can and what you have to say to others. I'm thinking about short course of digital painting or character concept art. But only after my job. Cause I'm an artist in a first place.
So it's all kind of future plans that may never come reality. Can't say now.
It's easy to record video, nothing about teaching, the hardest part is not to forget to push that "record" button, so if people think it's useful for them, I can record it more often.

A: I also found that you have a lot of dolls, do you make them or do you collect them? What can you tell me about them?

T: Just collecting. I love to collect beautiful things - artbooks, action figures, dolls etc.
I can't say anything special about that. Just stuff i like to watch on. I'm some kind of geek, so... I would buy much more stuff if I were able to find a place for it in my small apartments.

A: I saw that your photographies are mainly of female models, it would be interesting to see your art and aesthetic with males, like the work you did with the photography “Nesterov”, what do you say about it? (As a man, it is really a mystery how you women look us, hehehe) And also, why do you think women are the main target for such works?

T: Everything is easy. First - women likes to have their photos while they young and beautiful, likes dressed in fancy clothes, etc. That's why they ask to photoshoot them. And I do it.
You know, here in Saint Petersburg I have some very talented friends "TornHem Studio", they are alternative fashion designers, and I often work with them as a photographer. And of course most of it's clients are women. So - no mysteries.
And women looks cool. You can't argue with that.
Second - about that "Nesterov" photo, it was so spontaneous. We were shooting clothes collection with my friends, and he just came to studio to visit us. And I said "okay, while I wait for next girl be ready, I can shoot you a bit, but your t-shirt looks awful so get it off". That's how it all happened.
No mysteries again. I feel you may be a bit dissapointed.

I don't know, I just have no a lot of male friends who would like to have fancy photos. And no clients. Maybe males don't need it. Who knows? Me not.
So.. if I can't photoshoot guys, I can draw them instead. And I do.

A: It’s very interesting to see the erotical art of a woman, because it is really different from men. The men needs to have naked girls, huges butt and boobs, tiny skirts, but I personally like a lot your sexy art, because you focus on the female strength and inner-self of the women that can catch any guy they want without being just physical. How do you feel about the fact that you need to fulfill the men expectation of the sensuality in order to be recognized and known?

T: I never call my art "sexy". I think the only one "sexy" work I have is "Golden Dust" (cause I hope everybody understand what that horny girl feels, if you realize what I'm talking about).
I don't need " to fulfill the men expectation" blah blah blah. I don't need and don't owe anything to anyone. I don't care about men expectations, you may call me egoistic, but I do what I like. I. Not "that guys from internet". I don't care they want to see boobs on my artworks. And maybe if I was more careful with expectations of other people, I would be much more popular. But I'm pretty sure that artist must do what he love, not what other people want to see (I'm not saying about job, only personal works. Work for money it's... work for money, you know).
It's impossible to try satisfied everyone's expectations and wishes, cause people very different. It's pointless. So why should I waste my time catching this illusory chance of popularity? I'd prefer to draw another one picture from my head. And I believe someone will like my work even if there is no boobs at all. Even if it will be just one person - I'll thank this person sincerely.
About my characters - yes, it's strong girls and guys, cause I truly respect strong people. My characters can make decisions, takes responsibility, and know what they want. I don't like moral weakness, and inner beauty have always been more important to me then the outer shell. I draw characters I would like to be, perhaps.

A: I found a photography of yourself “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. Do you feel that way, do you have something hiding inside of you that wants to go out and be free?

T: Haha it was just a good name for that photo. It wasn't my idea or something, just posing for my good friend, while she was practicing.
Anyway I'm sure everyone has dark and light sides. Someone fighting dark side, someone enjoing it. I'm the one who enjoy, indeed.

A: In one of your videos, I hear metal music. What music is your favorite?

T: You don't believe, but... it's metal music)))) Mostly kind of gothic metal and gothic rock, but not only. Classic music too, I love beautiful vocals.
Hmmm I can list what in my player right now
Korn, Charon, Within Temptation, Oomph (ooh I adore them), Disturbed, Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Five Finger Death Punch, Game of Thrones OST, Nightwish, Florence and The Machine, Hurts, Marilyn Manson, Two Steps From Hell, Cradle of Filth, In Extremo (and some others, tired of listing, lol)
this is music I love, yep. Some of these bands I listen for a 10-15 years, since I was a teenager.

A: Where do the people can contact you, and in which languages?

T: Russian and English. My English far from perfect, so if people want to contact me, they must be ready for that, hahaha. But some people on Facebook write me in Spanish or Italian, and every time I answer in English "hey guys, I don't speak it, english please" (it's really annoying, you know)

And where... Oh, tons of places. My website
my CGHub account
accounts in social webs like Facebook
... eeeem let me think...even through my Youtube channel See, if you want to find a way to contact me - it's really easy.

A: Any final message to the readers?

T: Practice makes perfect.
You should understand, that you must work very hard, if you want to be great artist. And becoming good artist takes a lot of time. A lot. So don't be dissapointed if you don't see level-up after 3 months of painting. Wait for three years. Everything depends only of you.
Be strong, guys, cause being an artist is not easy way to live. But it's gorgeous way.

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